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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What is up in the studio today?

Just listed some new card sets, some adult valentine cards, a ISIS inspired bracelet and a peace notecards set on Etsy.  Check them out at  Doing a few St. Patricks Day items.  Tomorrow will list a 5 pack of Irish themed notecards.

Waiting from some copper paint to dry, it's going on a delicious set of notecards tomorrow... stay tuned!

Finished up a cute Fairy ACEO today, always looking to trade ACEO's!

I started an ACEO book today. Saw an ideal photo book at A.C. Moore's today and got it going.  I love ACEO's and wonder if I will fill the book by the end of the year.... I think I have about 8 in there now (none of mine, just what I have bought and traded with others!)

Found some wonderful additions to my supply collection at A.C. Moore's today...

It is soooo cold here in PA today.  It's been zero.  I feel sick, that is how cold it is. I am in a constant state of goosepimples. brrrr.

Arizona heat.... I always have said I don't think I could stand it again (after living there for 30 plus years)
BUT... I am beginning to change my mind.

The Mohegan Sun Casino in Wilkes Barre is going to be hiring/training 500 folks as dealers.  They just approved table games here in PA and the casino is ready to get started.  I put in my application, just to see if I would have any luck.  I've got an odd smattering of job applications in, it's like I am just trying to find my niche!

Here's some photos of my pooches: Warlock in the sweater, Bear in the scarf! (Both items purchased handmade from Etsy!)

V. @ ArenaCreative


The3Maries said...

Sounds like a very busy but productive day! I love the pics of the dogs in their winter attire!

laughingfridge said...

Oh they look so sweet in their Etsy wear! Good luck with your ACEO book; sounds like a great way to keep your collection!


Fiberpuppy said...

Oh I am such a sucker for dressed up dogs. Why shouldn't discerning dogs want handmade too.

Moonangelnay said...

awww i have a long coat chihuahua that looks adorable in little clothes! he's super hairy at the mo so i wouldn't have much luck trying to squeeze him into his hoody! love the scarf that's really cute ^_^

Knotty Thoughts said...

Just look at Warlock and Bear posing for their photos. They look so fine in their outfits, all the other dogs will be jealous.