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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday and it's HOT!

Jazz Musicians by RC Sprague - art print

Trying to stay focused and not focus on the heat. I'm from Arizona so really this is NOTHING compared to AZ heat BUT with the humidity and my fibromyalgia I am just dying dying dying. ack. Have to go out and run an errand in an hour and NOT looking forward to it!

I've been listing some new items today, new prints. Here's a sample of what's up today!

Revvin by RC Sprague - art print
Also, I'd like to mention another fellow ETSY seller whom I purchased jewelry components from and their service and quality is excellent! Check them out if you need anything! Thanks ByJanelle! I got some terrific copper components, Swarovski crystals and ear wires.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New items coming to our Etsy shop

Having moved around a lot last year, we are still unpacking a lot of completed items from our studio. I'm always making jewelry so those seem to be listed frequently, but the home decor items we have made have been in the background so I'm finally finding time to get these up on Etsy!

I listed the first two items this afternoon, check them out, give me some feedback!
Both feature prints of original work from RC Sprague, my sweetheart.

Look for a LOT more in the next few days. We are likely going fishing tomorrow, so will be taking a little break tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week!
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