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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hot off the Press at Arena Studios for that Special Day!

Pictures of the work in progress:
Modifications to the long 18 inch necklace
silver chain
2 double pearl dangles
2 single pearl dangles
5 brushed silver floral dangles
lobster claw clasp

Earrings, created 2nd pair, added small silver cap to 2nd you like with or without?
pictures of loose caps shown in the photo as well.

picture 2

Made you two extenders/shorteners a one inch and a two inch
These can be used to lengthen or shorten your necklaces to give you the best flow and length. This will allow you to position them at the length that looks best for your dress!
You can lengthen simply by adding on a extender, you can shorten by clipping the lobster to anywhere on the chain.

The lobsters and chain match the necklaces.
Here is your 16 inch necklace
three brushed silver floral drops
12 pearl drops
silver chain with lobster claw closure

and here is a side by side of both

I had a great time working on these! I personally love the short necklace!


johnniebelinda said...

Wow these are fab.
I am thinking Mothers Day, custom order maybe?

ArenaCreative said...

Thanks Johnnie, I'm working on a set of necklaces and earrings for a wonderful brides bridesmaid party.

We are working through several designs. I'll be putting some of the prototypes up on Etsy once the final decision is made.
I have many different colored pearls and add ins (leaves, silver suns, silver moons) etc... Just let me know if you have a special request!